Child Dental Care

We are a family dental practice and as such, we welcome children as patients! We understand that children are not simply “small adults” and we appreciate that the approach to dental care for children is different from that of the approach for adults.


It goes without saying that good dental habits start early and we strive to make sure that positive dental experiences for your child also start early. Most children require basic routine dental care such as exams, dental cleanings, along with dental x-rays only when necessary. And because we use digital x-rays in our office, when we do need to take an xray on a child, we are using the lowest level of radiation possible.


If a child does need a filling, it’s important to take care of the cavity early, before it becomes a larger cavity and would require more extensive work. Baby teeth fall out and are replaced by adult or permanent teeth, but baby teeth are still important for maintaining space for proper permanent teeth eruption, as the child mouth and jaws grow. So, while some people may think that it’s ok for baby teeth to decay since they will “fall out anyway”, we try to keep baby teeth as long as possible.

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