The Worn Dentition/Full-Mouth Dental Treatment


A lot of patients have a condition that we term “worn dentition,” also known as “worn teeth.” A worn dentition is one where the teeth no longer have the same height that they once had – and as such, these teeth look flat and short instead of the normal round shape you’d expect to see with a tooth. The problem with having multiple worn teeth is that some patients have problems chewing and speaking as the teeth get shorter and shorter. And as the teeth continue to wear, there are often associated esthetic and cosmetic problems, making a person look older than they actually are.


The goal of most treatment plans for patients with worn teeth is to restore the patient’s teeth back to the point where they can speak and chew effectively and be proud of their smile. Treatment plans such as these are often termed “full mouth rehabilitations.” Because of the extensive damage done by years of tooth wear, achieving these goals requires a long treatment time and a dentist with experience and training for working with patients whose teeth are in this condition.

Dr. Luminita Markham has additional training from prestigious centers such as the Pankey Institute and the Spear Education Institute and as such, she is qualified to manage dental treatment plans of this complexity. Not every dentist can provide this type of care and it’s critical to find a dentist such as Dr. Luminita Markham who has this type of knowledge and experience.


When a patient needs a full-mouth-rehabilitation, dental specialists such as an orthodontist or oral surgeon are often part of the team. One of the advantages of working with Dr. Luminita Markham is that, in addition to her training and experience, she is in practice with her husband, Dr. David Markham, who is a board-certified orthodontist and with Dr. Richard Jackson, who is a board-certified oral surgeon.

And because Drs. Markham and Dr. Jackson are often in the office on the same days, patients will benefit from having both dentists available to coordinate treatment more easily and more quickly.

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